Hokori Gen

Whitepaper a.k.a War Plan

What is Hokori Gen?

Hokori Gen is a fully animated pixel art PFP collection. A project that will bring back the TRUE meaning of alpha, and takes the next step in aligning art, community and utility towards a unified mission.
  • Hokori Gen is a project that operates as an investment platform (DAO)
  • Within the platform, there are 3 official factions that each control a treasury fund
  • Each treasury will be funded with 1000 SOL or 40% of the mint funds will be distributed among each faction, if the 1000 SOL goal is not met
  • The faction's council can create proposals and the faction members can vote on how the treasury funds can be used. For example, Web3, Web2 and other ventures that they deem profitable
  • At the end of each season, 100% of the profits go back to the faction members. For example, if the Dragon Faction's treasury starts at 1,000 SOL and at the end of the season, the treasury sits at 4,000 SOL, 3,000 SOL is split between the Dragon holders
  • A season lasts 30 days. At the beginning of each new season, a new council is elected by the faction holders themselves

A fully animated Collection

  1. 1.
2. Wolves
3. Apes
They will compete against each other to claim the title of the true alpha.

Vote. Compete. Earn.

Each faction will have an official DAO platform to vote, create and view proposals that have a high chance of profitability.
The term alpha has been thrown around LOOSELY. People in this space use these buzzwords to lure you in and make money OFF YOUR BACKS. It’s time to take that word back and give it true meaning again.