We will be launching on Matuki Labs - A Ukiyo owned launchpad.


20th January, 2023.

Supply & Mint price

6,000 supply. 60$ Solana Equivalent.

Is the DAO platform operational?

Yes, the DAO platform is ready to be deployed 48 hours post mint.

Twitter & Discord

We’ve got some cool stuff you may or may not want to check us out.

https://twitter.com/HokoriGen https://discord.gg/hokorigen

What is GenList?

GenList is whitelisted members of the community.

Where are the funds going?

Each treasury will be funded with 1000 SOL or 40% of the mint funds will be distributed among each faction, if the 1000 SOL goal is not met.

30% Product Development

15% Marketing

15% Team

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