Dragons. Wolves. Apes.

The ecosystem is fueled by the high stakes competition between each faction.

Each faction member will have access to their token gated DAO and have the ability to VOTE on the next alpha play. Once a holder selects their faction, they will be locked into that faction for the remainder of the season, they can choose to join a different faction at the beginning of a new season.

The faction with the highest ROI at the end of the season will claim the role of alpha leaders for that season. Rewards will be in the form of [REDACTED]

The Council

Each faction will have a council of 7 members, which will be elected by the faction members themselves. Council members should be experienced members within the space, and have a proven track record.

Council members can create proposals based on recommendations from both faction members and council members, given their experience.

How are council members elected?

  • Prior to season start, applications to become a council member, from interested faction holders will be submitted to the core team.

  • Once applications close, faction members will be able to vote and elect eligible applicants to become council members.

  • Once council members are elected, the founding team will conduct due diligence on their backgrounds.



Elusive, mysterious and powerful, these creatures thought to be annihilated with the remaining few that survived were exiled from the face of the earth. Buried deep in dungeons, caves and forced to go into hiding, they plot, recoup and carry out their plan to reclaim their throne.


The wolves have scavenged and roamed the lands for years, they were once at the top of the food chain, apex predators, a pack of elites dominating the lands and claiming their territory.


Ever evolving, these creatures of strength, beauty and intellectual prowess have spread their influence throughout the plains, extending their reach beyond the jungle towards the stratosphere.

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