What are we providing?


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization platform has been built for 3 official factions. The platform allows for Council members of each faction to create proposals, and faction members to view and cast their votes on the proposals. Council members will be elected and voted on by the faction members themselves. The founding team will have no role in influencing how each faction will control the treasury funds.

Active Profit Sharing

Faction members are incentivized to interact with the platform through receiving profits made by the faction. A season will last for 1 month, at the end of the season, 100% of the profits made will be split and shared between members of that particular faction.

Members that hold multiples of a particular faction will have increased voting power and will receive higher profit share.


Art and Design have their OWN distinction. Art is free form and creative, while Design is calculated and created with a purpose to achieve a goal. We have DESIGNED an NFT collection with 3 factions, each faction engrained with a purpose to achieve a GOAL.



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